It is a great pleasure to welcome Kalandra to the By Norse family!
Spearheaded by three Norwegian musicians (Jogeir Daae Mæland, Katrine Stenbekk and Florian Döderlein Winter), Kalandra weave ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes.

Their cover of ‘Helvegen’ by Wardruna, which has amassed over a million views on YouTube, will be available for the first time as a digital single on March 6th, 2020 via By Norse Music!

Einar Selvik comments on the signing:
“It is a great pleasure to welcome Kalandra to the By Norse family. They have been on our radar for a few years now and it has been great to witness how their art has constantly developed and found its form.

A while back the group asked me if they could do a live video of their version of Wardruna’s Helvegen. It turned out great and what better way to start our collaboration together than to release this stellar version of my own creation!”


Kalandra adds:
“We believe everything should have a natural progression, and after spending quite some time, carefully assessing the music industry for the right label, ByNorse came along not a moment too late (or too soon). We feel safe and secure about the team and their passion for lifting up and promoting new kinds of music connected with the old roots.
One could argue that our music is perhaps a rather different blend of moods and genres compared to what By Norse Music has previously released, but all in all we very much appreciate to be taken onboard just as we are. What binds us is the nordic atmosphere that runs through everything we create (which is just pure cold and deep melancholia)…

Jokes aside, we’re very excited for the future and our ever evolving musical endeavors together. A collaboration with ByNorse feels like coming home after a long tumultuous journey.”

Kalandra will play at Blå – Oslo (NO) on March 5th! Find more infos and tickets HERE