Alu by Norse

Alu beer

ALU by Norse – handcrafted Norwegian farmhouse ale!

We (By Norse) have been cooperating with Grünerløkka Brygghus and Voss Bryggeri on the brewing of a special beer based on old Norwegian brewing traditions. It is called ALU By Norse!

ALU – a word shrouded in enigma, frequently found in runic inscriptions in Scandinavia, the proto-Norse word for “ale” and potent magical talisman. Brewing and drinking beer had significant functions in the Norse society beyond festive beverage, essential in various rites and celebrations. After the religious shift in Norway these traditions were maintained, some even by law. Combining thoughts, ingredients and techniques from both the ancient and contemporary brewing traditions of Norway, we proudly present: ALU by Norse – handcrafted Norwegian farmhouse ale.

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