BardSpec New Video “Gamma” Premiere on Brooklyn Vegan!

We are very happy to share with you today a new song from BardSpec debut album “Hydrogen”! Check out the video for “Gamma”, premiered exclusively on BrooklynVegan!

Ivar Bjørnson says about the song: “”Gamma” is a meditation on the magic of science, or perhaps the science of magic. The mysteries of the atom and nuclear physics have fascinated me deeply as long as I can remember. Enlightened humans have known for thousands of years that the concept of “god” dwells within the corporal being, and with the atom bomb the proof was definite (to me at least). As scientist in charge Oppenheimer said, watching the first test atom bomb go off: “I have become Shiva; Destroyer of Worlds”. The other aspect of radiation is its communicative powers; of carrying information over enormous distances. We learn things about the universe and its early days from watching bursts of Gamma Ray make its way through the universe.”

Watch the “Gamma” video on the band’s YouTube or our Vimeo account!

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