BNM028 – Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne – Hildring
(2021, By Norse Music, Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne)
OUT NOVEMBER 26th, 2021

Available as:

CD Digipack with 12-pages booklet
12” Black vinyl (sleeve) w/ printed innersleeve
Limited 12” Purple vinyl (sleeve) w/ printed innersleeve – Online stores exclusive
Limited 12” Splatter vinyl (sleeve) w/ printed innersleeve – Online stores exclusive


1. Hildring
2. Los
3. Insect
4. The Lake
5. Brising
6. Kjetto
7. Taag
8. Otherworld
9. Gjelet


Norwegian collective Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) & Dei Farne announce the new album Hildring (meaning mirage) arriving on 26th November via By Norse. Hildring is Lindy-Fay’s second album, following the release of Seafarer in 2019 which was released in her own name. Dei Farne are musicians; Roy Ole Førland, Ingolf Hella Torgersen and new addition Sondre Veland, and with them, Lindy-Fay has found kindred spirits.

Hildring is an intuitively crafted, ornamental and rhythmical record with a dark pop sensibility, channelling the musicians’ mutual appreciation of different genres, from dark synth, folk, jazz, noise/experimental, Krautrock, prog rock, and world music. The soundscapes of Hildring are like moonlight shimmering in running water. Synth drones and fluid melodies are deftly-woven together with the organic sounds of acoustic piano, guitars, harmonium and percussion/drums, elevated into something larger than life by Lindy-Fay’s extraordinary, expressive vocal style.

Lindy-Fay Hella sounds especially liberated on this record, reconnecting to a childhood passion for synths, and her love of “Black Celebration” by Depeche Mode, attributing her vocal experimentation to Dave Gahan’s wide-ranging style. Lindy-Fay also draws powerful inspiration also from traditional Joik singing, unique to the Sámi people of Northern Europe. Lindy-Fay honours her great-grandmother and other Sámi people who suffered injustice when this traditional form was condemned. Harnessing her vocal power is not necessarily about choosing the right words, rather following specific feelings and utilising the voice as an instrument.

The album reflects the sense of wonder and awe with which Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne view the natural world and the elemental forces of their rural surroundings outside of Bergen. Lindy-Fay elaborates further: “I have seen a place up in the Lyderhorn mountains that makes a perfect mirror in the water when still. It makes me think of the Otherworld or parallel Universes. “What is behind the veil?” As they questioned in earlier times. All the curiosities I get from walking there makes me wonder, maybe the Witches that were said to be up there felt something similar? To me it is a magical place and the favourite of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen. Also, from where I grew up, on an Island by the open ocean..the memories from that place and the stories I heard from my grandfather about mythical creatures and possible dangers at Sea, gives me great inspiration as well”.

Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne not only celebrate the power of all of our senses and encourage us to seek the magic in our surroundings, the album also awakens curiosity and a sense of wonder. If there’s more to life than meets the eye, what do we discover?

BNM032 – Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Hardanger
(2021, By Norse Music, Hovudlausn)
OUT NOVEMBER 5th, 2021

Available as:
12” Black vinyl in sleeve, etched B-side – Limited to 1’000 units, retail
12” Grey vinyl in sleeve, etched B-side – Limited to 500 units, retail and online stores
12” White vinyl in sleeve, etched B-side – Limited to 300 units, By Norse Music online stores exclusive
12” Green vinyl in sleeve, etched B-side – Limited to 200 units, By Norse Music online stores exclusive


1. Heim til Yggdrasil
2. Hardanger


One of the places that made the strongest impression on Bjørnson & Selvik during the initial research and following performances that created «Hugsjá» was the area of Hardanger, a few hours from their base in Bergen, Norway. Hardanger is mysterious, pure and able to blow the minds of even the most experienced hikers and nature dwellers. It is also assumed to be the area in which the Germanic tribe of the Harudes settled in ancient times, becoming the first Western Norwegians.

The title track celebrates the history of this land being populated from both the Harudes and other peoples migrating, meeting and melting together – thus creating what we now know as Norway. It is a percussion-heavy track, with ores of both traditional and exotic melody lines crossing and moving steadily through the sonic landscape of Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik. The song features guest appearances by Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna, Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei Farne), Grutle Kjellson and Iver Sandøy (the latter two both from Enslaved).

The other song on the EP is «Heim til Yggdrasil», a re-imagination of Enslaved’s much loved song «Return to Yggdrasill» – selected by Einar Selvik for the «Hugsjá» live-tour. The song fitted so well into the IB & ES tapestry that they eventually decided to invite the entire live band (Silje Solberg on Hardanger fiddle, Iver Sandøy on drums/ vocals and Håkon Vinje on piano/ vocals) to record it with them for this release.

To complete the circle, the «remaining» two Enslaved-members joined in; Ice Dale joined on acoustic guitar while Grutle Kjellson added his signature spoken word-voice to Einar’s passionate vocals. The result is much more than a mere cover; it is a new piece that needs to be experienced!

BNM029 – Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Skuggsjá (re-issue)
(2021, By Norse Music, Hovudlausn)

Available as:

Hard cover Digibook with 24-pages booklet
2×12” Black vinyl in Gatefold
2×12” Oxblood vinyl in Gatefold – Limited to 300 copies, By Norse Music online stores exclusive
2×12” Silver vinyl in Gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online stores exclusive
2×12” Clear w/Oxblood, Grey and Black Splatter vinyl in Gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online stores exclusive

All formats feature a completely renewed artwork with the full lyrics and English translations (previously available only in long sold-out limited editions)!


1. Intro: Ull Kjem
2. Skuggsjá
3. Makta Og Vanæra, For All Tid
4. Tore Hund
5. Rop Fra Røynda – Mælt Fra Minne
6. Skuggeslåtten (instrumental)
7. Kvervandi
8. Vitkispá
9. Bøn Om Ending, Bøn Om Byrjing
10. Outro: Ull Gjekk


When renowned musicians such as ENSLAVED guitarist / composer Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik – the mastermind behind WARDRUNA, which gained attention far beyond the world of music for their contributions to the score of the acclaimed ‘Vikings’ TV-series – join forces, the outcome is far too easily dismissed in advance as a “super project”.

Yet with SKUGGSJÁ the two Norwegians have clearly not only successfully combined their musical handwriting, but the sum of the duo’s craft is more than its already outstanding parts. Both are adding sonic expressions to the other’s sound that are enhancing their excellent songwriting into something new. Harsh metal guitars seem to effortlessly connect with ancient instruments and the emerging intricate patterns are reminiscent of the intertwined, whirling and deeply fascinating Viking age animal styles translated into songs. The result is a richly evocative sonic tapestry for the mind to wander on and create images of a long gone past without any misplaced nostalgia.

‘Skuggsjá’ was originally conceived as a commissioned musical work written by Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik. The arrangement was performed by ENSLAVED and WARDRUNA as a concert piece in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution at the Eidsivablot festival in Eidsvoll, Norway on September 13th, 2014.

The growing desire to present SKUGGSJÁ to a broader audience has ultimately led Bjørnson and Selvik to record their work in its entirety. The word “Skuggsjá” translates into “mirror” or “reflection” in the Norse tongue.

By highlighting ideas, traditions and instruments of their Norse past, SKUGGSJÁ speaks of the history of Norway and reflect relevant aspects from the past into our present day. Using metal instrumentation as well as some of Scandinavia’s oldest instruments and poetry in Norse and Norwegian, ‘Skuggsjá’ represents a fusion between past and present, both lyrically and musically.

The By Norse Music re-issues on CD and 2LP feature a completely renewed artwork with the full lyrics and English translations (previously available only in long sold-out limited editions)!

BNM030 – DROTT – Orcus
(2021, By Norse Music, DROTT)
OUT SEPTEMBER 24th, 2021

Available as:
CD Digipack Trifold
12” Black vinyl Gatefold
12” Gold vinyl Gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online stores exclusive
12” Milky Clear w/ Black and Gold Splatter Gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online stores exclusive


1. The Lure
2. Caerdroia
3. Katabasis
4. The Strait
5. Psychopomp
6. By the Lunar Lake
7. The Marauders
8. Grey Gull
9. Arch of Gloom
10. Orcus


“In the realms of the dead dwells Orcus, the punisher of broken oaths in the afterlife. He is Lord in this abode for purification of the souls, the Underworld. This is the katabasis of DROTT.

Called by The Lure, DROTT is flung into the maze of Caerdroia, descending deeper and closer to the realms of Orcus. As darkness grows, DROTT grasps at every beam of light possible in Katabasis, before realizing the true nature of the journey. As DROTT faces the sad and gloomy shore called The Strait, contours of The Psychopomp emerge from the shadows, he is the guide of souls in the passage between the living and the dead. So begins the journey into Orcus.

By The Lunar Lake recalls the echoes from the past. A feeling of tranquillity and connection with the living, unaware of the Marauders lurking nearby. Escaping the savage Marauders, Grey Gull ascends, restoring tranquillity and strength before DROTT´s final descent through The Arch of Gloom. There awaits Orcus, the judge, punisher and purificator. The Lord of the Underworld.”

DROTT is comprised of Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen and hails from Bergen in the west coast of Norway. With their varied musical background ranging from metal and jazz to classical music, they create the genre which can only be described as DROTT. Inspired by forces of nature, superstition and spirituality the trio explores light within darkness through their music.

The group, recently established (2020), released their self-titled EP in March 2021 and received great reviews. It established the Drott’s instrumental Progressive Rock sound as a breath of fresh air in the genre! Their first full-length “Orcus” album takes Drott in a new creative and artistic direction. With 10 tracks they dive deeper into sonic, experimental landscapes.

(2021, By Norse Music, Enslaved DA, Nuclear Blast)
OUT JUNE 25th, 2021

Available as:

Collector Wooden Boxset ( exclusive)
Limited first press on Clear w/ Splatter vinyl, incl. movies download card
4x CDs + 4x DVDs Boxset, incl. movies download card
4x DVD, incl. movies download card

The Enslaved “Cinematic Tour 2020” release features four new live albums/DVDs with audio and visuals taken from the band’s digital performances in 2020:

– The Rise Of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020)
– Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)
– Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)
– Utgard – The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)

Collectors Wooden Boxset – Handcrafted, Handnumbered, Personalized

Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Sold exclusively on
Download card for all 4 movies
All albums on black vinyl
Each vinyl includes the show poster and the movies download card
Original illustration by Tor Ola Svennevig on the inner-sleeve
The 4 streams on DVD (PAL)
Woven patch, enamel pin, poster flag and printed A2 poster
Handcrafted and Autenticity Certificate

Splatter Vinyl Editions 

BNM022 – Enslaved “The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020)”
BNM023 – Enslaved “Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)”
BNM024 – Enslaved “Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)”
BNM025 – Enslaved “Utgard – The Journey Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)”

1st pressing of each album on Clear with Splatter vinyl, limited to 300 copies each. Featuring:
Download card for all 4 movies
Original illustration by Tor Ola Svennevig on the inner-sleeves
All songs lyrics

BNM026 – Enslaved – “Cinematic Tour 2020” 4x CDs + 4x DVDs Boxset

Limited 1st press of 1000 copies. Featuring:
Download card for all 4 movies
4x dual layer DVDs in digipack (PAL for EU, NTSC for US)
4x CDs in digipack
Slipcase with matt finish and Gold Foil
16 pages booklet

BNM027 – Enslaved “Cinematic Tour 2020” 4x DVDs

Limited 1st press of 1000 copies. Featuring:
Download card for all 4 movies
4x dual layer DVDs (PAL for EU, NTSC for US)
Slipcase with matt finish and Gold Foil
16 pages booklet

* * * *

“The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020)” was performed as part of the Verftet Online Festival in Bergen during spring 2020. As the band celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2021, “The Rise of Ymir” is a powerful gathering of some of Enslaved all-time favourite hymns.

1. Ethica Odini
2. Return to Yggdrasil
3. Ruun
4. The Dead Stare
5. The Crossing
6. Havenless
7. Sacred Horse
8. Isa

“Chronicles of the Northbound (Cinematic Tour 2020)” was performed in the spirit of and in collaboration with Roadburn Festival at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway, during a psychedelic day of Summer 2020. The setlist was assembled 1:1 from an online voting by fans. Enslaved salute their fans for their efforts in choosing a list that was also 1:1 with their “dream set”.

1. Ethica Odini
2. Roots of the Mountain
3. Fenris
4. 793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne)
5. Isa
6. The Watcher
7. Death in the Eyes of Dawn

“Below The Lights (Cinematic Tour 2020)” was performed in league with Beyond the Gates Festival at USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway, during a dark day of summer 2020. For this event the band performed their album “Below The Lights” in its entirety, featuring Inge Rypdal – aka The Sixth – who performed brilliantly on guitar throughout this entire concert (as he once did on “A Darker Place” on the original recording)!

1. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
2. The Dead Stare
3. The Crossing
4. Queen of Night
5. Havenless
6. Ridicule Swarm
7. A Darker Place

“Utgard-The Jouney Within (Cinematic Tour 2020)” was performed with power from Summer Breeze Open Air, at Nowhere in Sotra, Norway, during a day of might in Summer 2020. It was Enslaved’s virtual release party of their latest album “Utgard” and marked a strangely upbeat end of a strange year. Even though 2020 was a year connected with struggle and hardship for everyone, it was also a year Enslaved will forever associate with a strong sense of community around the band.

1. Intro Utgardr
2. Jettegryta
3. Homebound
4. Urjotun
5. Flight of Thought and Memory

BNM021 – DROTT – S/T
(2021, By Norse Music)
OUT MARCH 5th 2021


Silver 12″ vinyl – Limited to 100 copies worldwide
Red 12″ vinyl – Limited to 100 copies worldwide
Black 12″ vinyl – Limited to 100 copies worldwide


1. Shikoba
2. Milonga Del Agya
3. Dance of the Mylings
4. Numen


Comprised of Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen, DROTT is a trio from Bergen – the old capital city of Norway – were ancient kings culminated from the deep fjords, orbited by the Norse spirits of old. Like moths to the flame, DROTT united from West Norway in 2020, and created their self-titled debut EP set for release on March 5th 2021 via the Bergen-based label By Norse Music.

With varied musical backgrounds ranging from metal and jazz to classical music, DROTT created their own instrumental expression and a genre that can only be described as… DROTT! Inspired by forces of nature, superstition and spirituality the trio explores light within darkness through their music.

The band comments on the 4-tracks EP:

“”Shikoba” is a feather blessed by the force of wind. It dwells for a moment in the realm of monumentality before it is dwindled in the haunting energy of “Dance of the Mylings”. “Milonga del Agya” is a lonely soldier finding her allies in the force of solitude. Through her nomadic journey the hoard of “Numen” arises.”

BNM015 – TVINNA – One In The Dark
(2020 By Norse Music, TVINNA)
OUT FEBRUARY 19th 2021


Electric Blue LP gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online store exclusive
Black LP gatefold
CD digipak w/ 24-pages booklet
Digital incl. booklet on download platforms


1. The Gore
2. 12
3. Kreiz
4. Wild Hunt
5. Inside – The Dark
6. Sunna
7. Tides
8. Partus
9. Skymning


“One – In The Dark” is the first out of four chapters, in which TVINNA break down the different stages of life – each linked to one of the four elements. Their debut album is focusing upon the first chapter of our life: the state of being unborn and the process of birth – reflected through the element of water in its different shapes. Each of the 9 songs on the album tells a story about where we come from, are made of and are born into. One living being, out of the dark, connected and dependent.

 TVINNA musical evolution has been constant since the release of their first song “The Gore“ in November 2019. Best described as progressive dark and electronica pop, their music marries multi-layered vocals to effect-accordion and electronics, accompanied by new metal influences on guitars, bass and drums. TVINNA are intertwining and summoning an intense and unique musical experience. All the songs and imagery (artwork, video) are created, written and produced by an intensive alliance between Laura, Fiona and Fieke.

 TVINNA comment on the album: “We’ve created our own unique sphere through TVINNAs musical style – showing the depths of our inner reality in a more intimate way than ever before in this very first album. “One In The Dark” shows a musical side of us no-one has heard before! Where “The Gore” was like an introduction into the sonic landscape of TVINNA, the rest of the album really takes off into raw emotions and with that a more raw and heavy sound.”

 TVINNA is an international band founded by Laura Fella (Faun), Fiona Rüggeberg (former Faun) and Fieke van den Hurk (Musician/Producer for a.o. Eivør, Omnia, Cesair), accompanied by Rafael Salzmann (Eluveitie) on guitars & bass and Jasper Barendregt (former Ulsect a.o.) on drums & beats.

BNM008LPPIC – Tón Leiðsla I – Hordanes Land
(2020 By Norse Music, EnslavedUnion)
OUT NOVEMBER 27th 2020


1. Slaget i skogen bortenfor (Epilog / Slaget)
2. Allfǫðr Oðinn
3. Balfǫr (Andi fara / Prologr)
4. Enslaved (Bonus Track)


Enslaved and By Norse Music present “Tón Leiðsla I – Hordanes Land”: a very limited edition of the all-times classic as a picture disc, including exclusive content! Strictly limited to 500 copies and sold exclusively online.  

Tón Leiðsla I – Hordanes Land” is the first opus in an exclusive By Norse Music series that celebrates the label’s most iconic releases. The series title “Tón Leiðsla” is a construct that means “a graphic representation of a musical vision” and depicts the creative collaboration between the artists and By Norse Music at the core of these editions.

Each opus in theTón Leiðsla“ series features an illustration by Bergen-based artist Jannicke Wiese-Hansen and a unique poem created or commissioned by the artists. The “Hordanes Land” poem was written by Ivar Bjørnson and evokes the cross-over between History, Tolkien-influence and Norse mythology that was behind this iconic mini-album. The layout of the series was created by renowned artist Marcelo Vasco (Kreator, Slayer, etc.).

In March 2018, By Norse Music reissued Enslaved’s debut EP “Hordanes Land” plus a bonus track as a full-length release. First released in 1993 as a mini 12” LP, “Hordanes Land” was also released a few weeks later as a split CD album with Emperor and is considered a key release in the development of Viking metal. The original songs were entirely remastered by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio (Bergen, Norway) and the bonus track “Enslaved”, first released in 1992.


Grutle Kjellson – Vocals, Bass
Ivar Bjørnson – Guitar, FX’s, Fretless, Keyboards & Synthesizers
Trym Torson – Drums, Percussions


BNM020 – Kjell Braaten – Ferd
(2020 By Norse Music)
OUT NOVEMBER 13th 2020

Transparent 2LP gatefold – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online store exclusive
Black 2LP gatefold
2-panels CD digipak w/ 24-pages booklet
Digital incl. booklet on download platforms


1. Kyst
2. Vestarveg
3. Skogsflukt
4. Vette
5. Østavind
6. Storebjørn
7. Ritet
8. Huldra
9. Blåne
10. Ferd


The title of Kjell’s latest album, Ferd means “journey”, “travel”, and “to explore”. The album’s primary focus is to honour those who travelled the world, thus expanding knowledge and facilitating cultural exchange. This aspect is highlighted through working with music in a historical sense, as most of the travelers’ instruments were brought back from far away cultures – bringing with them musical inspiration as well. The inspiration is drawn from a wide range of sounds from all over the world, particularly from North Africa, America, and the East. The lead single “Østavind” is an old Norwegian term for the wind that blows from east, about which Kjell comments,

“I use the word in the expanded sense, pointing at the fact that much of our culture (as many musical instruments) was brought back from the far east. It is a hymn to those who traveled there, but also to those who came here. There is endless evidence of how vital part this trade has played in Scandinavia’s cultural development. To underline the cultural exchange, I have used only instruments based on accepted finds from around Scandinavia, some with its origin in the middle east. The rhythms and scales used in this composition are from both cultures.”

Kjell Braaten has spent much time in the Scandinavian nature and ancient sites when working on these songs, contemplating and trying to connect with them on an esoteric level; to gain inspiration. As we know too little to properly recreate ancient Scandinavian music, Kjell made modern music with inspiration from the past. By combining ancient Scandinavian sounds with sounds from where their instruments originate, he attempts to reconstruct sounds that speak to the people living now.

Ferd started out as a collection of pieces initially composed for short movies, documentaries and plays, performed on old Norse instruments. It soon evolved far beyond that. Reworked with the help of talented fellow Nordic musicians and brought together to give life to Ferd, the songs unveil a great journey with a common focus, while still telling each their own stories. Kjell invited visual artists to illustrate each song of the album, which you can find in the extensive booklet together with their corresponding stories.

Kjell concludes, “I have found my own sound, but my quest is always to evolve, learn more, and reach further. I don’t think I will ever think my search is over, as there is an endless ocean of new possibilities and sounds out there to explore.”…”new thoughts, new views, new searches.”

BNM017 – Kalandra – The Line
(2020 By Norse Music/2020 KalandraMusic)
OUT OCTOBER 23rd 2020

Available as:

White 2LP gatefold with etched D-side – Limited to 100 copies, By Norse Music online store exclusive
Black 2LP gatefold with etched D-side
2-panels CD digipak


1. Borders
2. The Waiting Game
3. Slow Motion
4. Naive
5. Virkelighetens Etterklang
6. Ensom
7. Brave New World
8. On The Run
9. Wonderland
10. With You
11. It Gets Easier


Norwegian alternative pop sensation Kalandra will release their debut full-length album, The Line on October 23rd via By Norse Music. Kalandra have amassed over 1.9 million views on YouTube with their cover of Wardruna’s “Helvegen” (released as a digital single on By Norse Music in March 2020), self-released two acclaimed singles “Brave New World” and “The Waiting Game” (details below) and have composed two tracks for the HBO Nordic series “Beforeigners.

Weaving ethereal melodies into raw and eerie musical landscapes, Kalandra delivers a powerful blend of alternative pop and rock that will enchant fans of Aurora, Eivør, Röyksopp, Goldfrapp and Björk.

Inspiration is drawn from a wide range of artists such as Eivør, Anna Von Hausswolff, Jenny Hval and bands like Pink Floyd, Tool, Mastodon, Radiohead, TesseracT, Wardruna, Gåte, IRAH and Sigur Rós. As well as female folk singers from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Denmark, experimenting with vocal techniques from around the world (including Norwegian cow calls like kauking, to Mongolian, Arabic and Indian traditional vocal styles) which they use in combination with the more theatrical aspects of rock and metal.

The band comments on the album: “An album years in the making. Written in a period of our lives which has been subject to a lot of change and introspection. The songs are reflections of the conflicting emotions that come with growth. The feelings of wonder, anger, loss and acceptance at watching both your own life and the world around you unfold. The Line talks about those different boundaries we come across in life. Be it mental barriers, lines on a map or the walls we put up between ourselves. Life can be a wondrous and terrible thing but we’ve found that ’Somewhere along the line, it gets easier.”

BNM018EP1 – Nebala – Lustuz Digital EP
(2020 Jonas Kohlert Lorentzen/By Norse Music)
OUT AUGUST 7th 2020


Nebala means primordial mist in the earliest Nordic language, interpreted as the abyss of absolute potentiality. It is the name of the music project envisioned by singer and songwriter Jonas Lorentzen. Grounded within an interdisciplinary framework, Jonas Lorentzen has teamed up with philosopher Naina Gupta and Old Norse expert Mathias Nordvig to explore the deep Indo-Germanic connections between Nordic and Vedic culture. In collaboration with the neo-classical and electronic composer Sebastian Gainsborough from the Bristol music scene, using traditional frame drums, lyre, tagelharpa, Tibetan singing bowls, and throat singing, Jonas Lorentzen has developed a unique Indo-Nordic sound for Nebala that toys with timescapes, soundscapes, and cultural boundaries to bring you back to the primordial experience of music itself.

All the songs are based on Old Norse mythology and runic inscriptions from Scandinavia. They are written in the now extinct proto-Nordic language that existed in the Germanic Iron Age, long before the Viking Age. The songs are informed by an original sexual theory proposed by Naina Gupta and symbolic mythological interpretations by Mathias Nordvig, exploring ancient sex and sexuality and creativity in Nordic culture; as in Old Norse mythology, poetry and song come from sexual creativity.

The Lustuz EP is the first chapter of Nebala’s debut album Laþu Woþuz Alu (out February 2021/By Norse Music), itself divided into three parts:

EP1, Lustuz (out August 7th, 2020)
Is about desire, longing, and the need for sharing each other’s darkness to fully merge sexually in total mutual vulnerability.

EP2, Laþu (out Fall 2020)
Is about sexual tension, mutual objectification, and unfulfilled sexual longing.

The last three songs that complete the album are about sexual release into absolute subjectivity and mergence, transcendence, and an explosion of the cosmic creative force.


1. Safijan
2. Skīnanārijaz
3. Blotha Hunaga Bolanan Alu

Songs written by Jonas Lorentzen and produced by Sebastian Gainsborough

BNM019 – Wardruna – Lyfjaberg 12″ white vinyl
(2020 Fimbulljod Productions/By Norse Music)



The new Wardruna song “Lyfjaberg”, out June 5th 2020, as a limited 12″ white vinyl!
Available for purchase strictly from June 5th until June 30th 2020, sold exclusively via the Wardruna online stores.


12″ white vinyl with etched B-side
45 rpm
Lyrics with English translations printed on the artwork

BNM016 – Wardruna – Kvitravn
(2020, Sony Music/Music For Nations/Columbia Germany/By Norse Music / Fimbulljod Productions)
OUT JANUARY 22nd 2021

By Norse Music editions feature:
CD Jewelcase with slipcase and 28-pages booklet
Black 2×12″ 180 gr. LP, gatefold, 28-pages booklet
White 2×12″ 180 gr. LP, gatefold, 28-pages booklet – Wardruna US store exclusive


Other formats available via Sony/Music For Nations/Columbia Germany:
Clear 2xLP
Red 2xLP
Splatter 2xLP
Limited CD Digipack

Album credits:

Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios
Recorded and engineered by Einar Selvik and Iver Sandøy in Fimbulljod Studios and Solslottet Studio


Following an intensive period in the studio, Kvitravn musically continues where the Runaljod trilogy left off, yet it marks a distinct evolution in Wardruna’s unique sound. In a rich musical tapestry, Wardruna use a broad selection of both traditional and historical instruments such as Kravik-lyre, Trossingen-lyre, Taglharpa, Sootharp, Langeleik, Crwth, Goat- horn, Lur, Bronze-lur, flute, Moraharpa, and the record also features guest appearances by a small group of prominent traditional singers, spearheaded by Kirsten Bråten Berg, one of the most important custodians of Norwegian traditional song. Throughout eleven songs, Kvitravn discusses Northern sorcery, spirit-animals, shadows, nature and animism, the wisdom and meanings of certain myths, various Norse spiritual concepts, and the relation between sage and songs. The first preview of audio from the album will arrive on 21st Feb!

About the new album, Wardruna founder Einar Selvik reveals, “To recite and copy the past is not very difficult, but to understand and integrate ancient thoughts, tools and methods with real purpose into a creation that is relevant to the modern era is truly challenging and remains our prime goal in our work”; He continues, “although the album carries a variant of my own totemic artist name, it has, in this context, little to do with me but rather refers to the symbolism and legends of sacred white animals found in Nordic and other cultures all over the world. These highly regarded ghostly creatures, whether a raven, snake, bear, moose, reindeer, elephant or lion – are in animist traditions seen as prophetic, divine messengers, and guardians representing renewal, purity and a bridge between worlds

Wardruna have carved a rich, polyphonic and dramatic musical landscape that honours the ancient past without gimmick, whilst simultaneously illuminating meaningful expressions of Norse tradition through intrinsically detailed contemporary composition. Beyond genre, theirs is a sound that must be truly experienced.

BNM015 – TVINNA – The Gore
(2019, By Norse Music/TVINNA)
OUT NOVEMBER 22nd 2019

Available as:

Digital single


TVINNA is an international band founded by Laura Fella (Faun), Fiona Rüggeberg (Faun) and Fieke van den Hurk (Musician/Producer for a.o. Eivør, Omnia, Cesair). The band took shape in 2017, with the help of Fabienne Erni (Eluveitie) and with the purpose of focusing on female voices and power.

Together Laura, Fiona and Fieke are transforming the core of the female soul into music to strengthen, to comfort and to awaken what has been made to slumber. Multi-Layer Vocals, Accordion and Electronics – accompanied by band-members Rafael Salzmann (Eluveitie) on Guitar & Bass and Jasper Barendregt (Dodecahedron, Ulsect) on Drums & Beats are inimitably intertwining and summoning an intense, musical experience.

TVINNA comment about the song “The Gore”: “”The Gore” tells you about Life. The life that runs through our veins, which is carrying our past, our present and our future along with it.  With this song we reflect on our everlasting connectedness, this unescapable secret of Nature that we carry deep within ourselves. The song is telling of the lives, the loves and the sufferings of those before us – our mothers, our sisters, our fathers and our brothers – and about where we may find their traces. It is the connection between every single one of us – a song about the blood that soaks our earth. 

“The Gore” has been the first song that the three of us – Fieke, Fiona and Laura – wrote together and therefore the first song that was brought to life by putting our three hearts and souls into it. As the song deals with a topic which is both so intricate and huge as our interconnectedness, we are curiously looking forward to experience what will be awakened in those hearing and watching “The Gore”.”

BNM014 – Wardruna – Skald
(2018, By Norse Music/Fimbulljod Productions) –
OUT NOVEMBER 23rd 2018

Available as:

Red colored LP Gatefold – Limited to 500 copies, webstores exclusive
White colored LP Gatefold – Limited to 500 copies, webstores exclusive
Black LP Gatefold
CD Digipack


1. Vardlokk
2. Skald
3. Ein sat hun uti
4. Voluspá (skaldic version)
5. Fehu (skaldic version)
6. Vindavla
7. Ormagardskvedi
8. Gravbakkjen
9. Sonatorrek
10 Helvegen (skaldic version)

Album Credits:

Skald was recorded, mixed and mastered by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio in 2018.
Produced by Einar Selvik and Iver Sandøy.

Vocal, Kraviklyre, Taglharpa and Bukkehorn performed live in studio by Einar Selvik.
Backing vocals on Fehu by Iver Sandøy.

Cover design by Øivind Myksvoll.
Front cover illustration by Jakub Vaniš / The Raven from the North. Runic illustration by Ræveðis.
Photos by Tuukka Koski and Øivind Myksvoll.


For years now Wardruna founder Einar Selvik has done acoustic concerts and lectures, performing Wardruna songs on his own, as well as creations made for the TV-show “Vikings” in an acoustic format. Now parts of this material has finally been recorded “live in studio” in Solslottet Studio in Bergen (Norway), and is set for release through By Norse Music on November 23rd 2018.

“Skald” takes the listener on a musical journey outside the massive soundscape that Wardruna is known for and into a simpler and more direct form, where voice, poetry and ancient instruments like Kravik-lyre, Taglharpa and Bukkehorn lead the way.

Einar Selvik comments:

“Skald” was recorded live in the studio with the intention of capturing the raw and uncompromising energy of a live performance rather than aiming for a flawless and polished expression. It sets out to give voice to the ancient craft that once lay at the heart of the Norse oral traditions, presented as it takes shape in the hands of a humble contemporary skald today.

All formats of the album contains an extensive booklet with all lyrics translated as well as a solid introduction to the Skald and Old Norse poetry written by the acclaimed Icelandic author and Old Norse philologist Bergsveinn Birgisson.

BNM013 – Eivør – Live in Tórshavn
(2018, By Norse Music/Eivør) –
OUT APRIL 5th 2019 on Physical / MARCH 8th 2019 on Digital

Available as:

Black 2LP Gatefold w/ sticker
CD Digipack w/ sticker


1. Mjørkaflókar (Live in Tórshavn)
2. Brotin (Live in Tórshavn)
3. Verð mín (Live in Tórshavn)
4. Salt (Live in Tórshavn)
5. Rain (Featuring Konni Kass) (Live in Tórshavn)
6. Bridges (Live in Tórshavn)
7. The Swing (Live in Tórshavn)
8. Famous Blue Raincoat (Live in Tórshavn)
9. Remember Me (Live in Tórshavn)
10. On My Way To Somewhere (Live in Tórshavn)
11. Silvitni (Live in Tórshavn)
12. Trøllabundin (Live in Tórshavn)
13. Boxes (Live in Tórshavn)
14. Tides (Live in Tórshavn)
15. True Love (Live in Tórshavn)
16. Falling Free (Live in Tórshavn)

Line-up & credits:

Eivør: Vocals, Guitars, Hand drum
Mikael Blak: Bass, Synths
Høgni Lisberg: Drums, Backing vocals
Allan Tausen: Backing vocals on: “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Bridges”
Marius Ziska: Backing vocals on: “Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Bridges”
Konni Kas: Vocals and Backing vocals on “Rain”
Hallur Jonsson: Recordings and Sound design
Jóhannes Steingrund: Recording assistant
Theodor Kapnas: Editing
Tróndur Bogason: Editing


Live in Tórshavn is a selection of 16 Eivør instant classics from her albums Room, Bridges and Slør. The songs were selected from the recordings of three consecutive shows in the Old Theatre in Tórshavn – Faroe Islands, 2017.

Eivør´s unique blend of Faroese tradition and various contemporary impulses transcends borders of musical genres with her modern yet timeless musical expression. “Live in Tórshavn” offers a great selection of her songs and displays her undisputed talent as a songwriter and what a truly extraordinary live-artist she is. To quote Eivør herself: “The live show is my thing, and the songs truly come alive to me when I can reflect them back to an audience.”

Long-time friends/collaborators Mikael Blak (bass, synths), Høgni Lisberg (drums, vocals) and Hallur Johnsson (FOH engineer) are an essential part of the live show Eivør has been building since the release of her latest album Slør (2015). Live in Tórshavn is the natural continuity of the studio albums, giving them a second life and taking the songs further into the territories of Alternative, Rock, and Folktronica. Interpreting her roots in a modern way and attracting more people from all ages and all crowds, Eivør plays music for the soul and delivers breathtaking performances, hitting notes that only a handful could reach with such precision and grace.

BNM012 – Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini Re-Issue
(2019, By Norse Music/EnslavedUnion)
Out November 8th 2019

Available as:

Dark Red 2xLP – Limited to 100 copies, online stores exclusive
Black 2xLP
CD Digipak


1. Ethica Odini
2. Raidho
3. Waruun
4. The Beacon
5. Axiom
6. Giants
7. Singular
8. Night Sight
9. Lightning
10. Jotunblod (Doom) – Bonus Track
11. Migration – Bonus Track


Ivar Bjørnson (guitars, keys)
Grutle Kjellson (vocals, bass)
Ice Dale (lead guitar)
Cato Bekkevold (drums)
Herbrand Larsen (keys, vocals)


Paired with the re-issue of “Vertebrae”, as these two Enslaved-albums also form an important pair musically; as many of the bands releases do, forming pairs in dynamics sonically and conceptually. By now Enslaved was “up and running” with the turn to the more progressive and avant-gardist directions more or less completed with its more mellow predecessors – “Axioma Ethica Odini” came as a lightning strike from the golden heavens of Valhalla itself – with its more direct approach and songwriting.

A big part of the big leap forward in production was the transition to using the band’s own studios in Bergen in addition to getting co-producer (and present drummer) Iver Sandøy onboard as well as recording parts in his Solslottet Studios, also in Bergen – and then taking all those recording over to Jens Bogren at Fascination Studios, Örebro, Sweden for mixing. The powerful sound that resulted set a new standard for both Enslaved and progressive Extreme Metal.

The By Norse Music (Ivar Bjørnson’s own label) re-issue features two special songs recorded during the same sessions as the album and previously only released as a 7” single; the hypnotic ethereal “Migration” (inspired by Enslaved’s collaborative commissioned piece at Molde International Jazz festival in 2008) and the doom-version of Frost-classic “Jotunblod” re-imagined for a special set at Roadburn Festival 2010. This issue features analytic and in-depth liner notes by Dom Lawson of Metal Hammer UK and Prog Magazine fame – a longtime friend and supporter of the band’s uncompromising preference of the roads not taken.

The design of the album is beautifully redone with new details, colors layout solutions by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head), all while staying true to the original artwork by longtime Enslaved-cover artist Truls Espedal.

BNM011 – Enslaved – Vertebrae Re-Issue
(2019, By Norse Music/EnslavedUnion)
Out November 8th 2019

Available as:

Yellow 2xLP – Limited to 100 copies, online stores exclusive
Black 2xLP
CD Digipak


1. Clouds
2. To the Coast
3. Ground
4. Vertebrae
5. New Dawn
6. Reflection
7. Center
8. The Watcher
9. Red
10. Earthshine
11. Red (Live) – Bonus Track
12. Earthshine (Live) – Bonus Track


Ivar Bjørnson (guitars, keys)
Grutle Kjellson (vocals, bass)
Ice Dale (lead guitar)
Cato Bekkevold (drums)
Herbrand Larsen (keys, vocals)


Paired with the re-issue of “Axioma Ethica Odini”, as these two Enslaved-albums also form an important pair musically; as many of the bands releases do, forming pairs in dynamics sonically and conceptually. Already somewhat of a “cult classic”, this is the album where the production philosophy of “new era” Enslaved was born, through the mentoring of mixer Joe Baressi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins) – recorded in Studio Studio, owned and operated by TNT lead guitarist Ronnie Le Tekrø (who also guests on the album).

This By Norse Music (Ivar Bjørnson’s own label) re-issue features two very rare cover-tracks recorded during Enslaved legendary live-appearance at Henie Onstad Museum, Oslo, Norway – in May 2011; one is Rush’s “Earthshine” while the other is King Crimson’s instrumental “Red”. These covers set the rest of the album into context through highlighting two main influences for Enslaved’s evolution from especially “Vertebrae” and onwards.

The re-issue features in-depth liner notes written and edited by writer and long-time friend of the band Chris Dick; known for his decades of writing for the American Metal-magazine Decibel Magazine. The liner notes are written in the style of an in-depth and extensive interview with all five members on the album, where many new angles and golden nuggets of information never before divulged publicly.

The design of the album is beautifully redone with new details, colors layout solutions by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Kreator, Machine Head), all while staying true to the original artwork by longtime Enslaved-cover artist Truls Espedal.

BNM010 – By Norse Music – Compilation Vol.1 – OUT FEBRUARY 16th 2018

Available as:

Sample CD
Digital (Bandcamp)


1. Enslaved – “Midgards Eldar”
2. Wardruna – “Odal”
3. Enslaved – “Heimvegen”
4. Enslaved – “Isa”
5. BardSpec – “Bone”
6. Kaunan – “Vallat”
7. Einar Selvik – “Snake Pit Poetry”
8. Enslaved – “Balfor”
9. Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – “Hugsjá”

BNM009 – Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Hugsjá
(2018, By Norse Music/Hovudlausn) – OUT APRIL 20th 2018

Available as:

Blue colored 2LP Gatefold – Limited to 250 copies, webstores exclusive
Silver colored 2LP Gatefold – Limited to 250 copies, webstores exclusive
White colored 2LP Gatefold – Limited to 500 copies worldwide
Black 2LP Gatefold
CD Digipack

1. Hugsjá
2. WulthuR
3. Ni Døtre av Hav
4. Ni Mødre av Sol
5. Fornjot
6. Nattseglar
7. Nytt Land
8. Nordvegen
9. Utsyn
10. Oska
11. Um Heilage Fjell


Einar Selvik: Lead vocals, Kravik-lyre, Taglharpa, goat-horn, Bronze-lure, flute and percussion.
Ivar Bjørnson: Guitars and electronics.
Silje Solberg: Hardanger-fiddle and backing vocals.
Iver Sandøy: Drums, percussion and backing vocals.
Håkon Vinje: Backing vocals.

Guest musicians:

The songs ‘Ni Mødre av Sol’ and ‘Um Heilage Fjell’ feature a mixed choir under management of Stine Kobbeltvedt with the voices of Anna Lisa Lekven, Laila Moberg, Marianne Evensen Østrem, Lisa Nøttseter, Lise Renee Aase, Kristine Bjånesøy Tikkanen, Linda Nytræ, Leif Østrem, Brede Lærum, Jan Helge Kordts, Jan-Ove Hansen, Richard Myhre Gåssand and Stine Kobbeltvedt.


After the success of their previous collaboration «Skuggsjá»; Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Einar Selvik (Wardruna) are now following up with an imposing new piece entitled «Hugsjá». The word ‘Hugsjá’ means to see with, or within, the mind – and it reflects the idea that one’s mind has the potential to see further than the eyes can reach. By weaving together indigenous and contemporary thoughts, sounds and instruments, they are inviting you on a vivid journey – exploring the distant history and traditions along coastal Norway.

Hugsjá was first commissioned by, and performed at, Bergen International Festival in 2017, as part a series of concerts named Nordvegen (“the northern road”); inspired by local history and traditions in each of the places visited. The Nordvegen concerts created an acoustic and intimate basis for the grandiose commissioned work, “Hugsjá”. The piece received its world premiere in Bergen’s premiere concert hall Grieghallen, and ultimately the material was recorded and became this full-length album. Roadburn 2018 will be both the release party and international live debut of “Hugsjá”, the album.

BNM008 – Enslaved – Hordanes Land re-issue
(2018, By Norse Music/EnslavedUnion) –
OUT MARCH 2nd on CD and digital, APRIL 20th on LP

Available as:

Green colored LP with embossed logo and title on cover incl. a 3 fold-out inlay – Limited to 333 copies worldwide (Enslaved webstores exclusive)
White colored LP with embossed logo and title on cover incl. a 3 fold-out inlay – Limited to 666 copies worldwide
Black LP incl. a 3 fold-out inlay
CD Digipack featuring a 20-pages booklet

All formats include the bonus track “Enslaved”

Track listing:
1. Slaget i skogen bortenfor (Epilog / Slaget)
2. Allfǫðr Oðinn
3. Balfǫr (Andi fara / Prologr)
4. Enslaved (Bonus Track)

Grutle Kjellson – Vocals, Bass
Ivar Bjørnson – Guitar, FX’s, Fretless, Keyboards & Synthesizers
Trym Torson – Drums, Percussions


First released in 1993 as a mini 12” LP, “Hordanes Land” was also released a few weeks later as a split CD album with Emperor and is considered a key release in the development of Viking metal.

The By Norse Music re-issue features exclusive liner notes and quotes by major figures of the Black metal scene such as Fenriz (Darkthrone), Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ), Lee Barret (Candlelight) and Hrymr (Helheim) among others, a reassembled layout respectfully done by Marcelo Vasco, the original songs entirely remastered by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio (Bergen, Norway) and the bonus track “Enslaved”, from the Enslaved split with Satyricon “Yggdrasill”, released in 1992.

BNM007 – Einar Selvik – Snakepit Poetry
(2017, By Norse Music/Fimbulljod Productions) – OUT OCT. 20th 2017

Available as:

10-inch vinyl with etched B-side – Wardruna’s online stores and tour exclusives
Digital format

Track listing: 

1. Snake Pit Poetry
2. Snake Pit Poetry – Skaldic mode


This two-tracks EP from Einar Selvik contains an acoustic version as well as the complete studio version of his much requested piece “Snake Pit Poetry”, written for History Channel´s VIKINGS and Ragnar Lothbrok´s fatal encounter with a Northumbrian Snake pit in season IV. The song features the extraordinary talent of Icelandic singer Hilda Örvarsdottir, a featured soloists on film scores such as Man of Steel (Hans Zimmer), The Eagle, Babylon AD, Mortal Instruments, Colette (Atli Örvarsson) and 300: Rise of an Empire (Junkie XL).

BNM006 – Kaunan – Forn (2017, By Norse Music) – OUT OCT 13th 2017

Available as:

Special LP Gold Edition limited to 300 copies, available exclusively on the By Norse Music webstore
Double gatefold black LP
CD Digipack – including a booklet rich in illustrations, photos and background stories about the folklore traditions that lie behind the songs as well as English and German versions of the lyrics
Digital format


Track listing:

1. Halteguten
2. Polska Svit
3. Elve Fert
4. Vandringen
5. Svärdsjö Polska
6. Vallåt
7. Noaks Pennkniv
8. Byss Kalles Vals
9. Den Gamle Sordølen
10. Polska från Älvdal
11. Dansen Ungdom


The Nordic-folk trio KAUNAN breathe new life into old traditional Scandinavian music, re-awakening the ancient realms of pre-Christian folklore by drawing on ancient songs and tunes; odd scales; early folk instruments like the kontrabasharpa, the hurdy-gurdy, various lutes, the lyre, and the bagpipes; and the old Nordic myths.

After nine years of performing and collecting song material, KAUNAN will finally release their debut album entitled “FORN” through the Norwegian label BY NORSE MUSIC later this fall.

KAUNAN is Oliver S. Tyr (Ger.), Boris Koller (Au.) and Göran Hallmarken (Swe). Oliver S. Tyr is the frontman of the well-known German folk band FAUN. Boris Koller is a professional painter and composer who specializes in working with the old types of Nyckelharpa (the Kontrabasharpa, and Gammelharpa). He has contributed to numerous studio productions and concerts performed by various early music ensembles. Göran Hallmarken is one of the most outstanding hurdy-gurdy players on the Swedish folk and medieval music scene.

As of now (2017), KAUNAN have played concerts in Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Audiences have been fascinated not only by their virtuous performances, but also by the drive and archaic power that lies behind their fresh interpretations of the old songs. KAUNAN do not simply play a Polska; they celebrate it, with almost religious passion.

The upcoming album features contributions by leading guest musicians such as Einar Selvik (WARDRUNA), Maria Franz (HEILUNG and SONGLEIKR) and the Swedish percussionist Dhani Åhlman. Accompanied by a booklet rich in illustrations, photos and background stories about the folklore traditions that lie behind the songs, “FORN” will open a new previously uncharted doorway into the world of the ancient north.

BNM005 – BardSpec – Hydrogen (2017, By Norse Music) – OUT JUNE 23rd 2017

Available as:

6-panel CD digipak – limited first press to 1000, including bonus track “Teeth”
Double gatefold LP – limited to 500 black vinyl
Digital format – including the bonus track “Teeth”

Track listing:
1. Intro – Deposition
2. Bone
3. Fire Tongue
4. Gamma
5. Salt
6. Teeth (bonus track)


BardSpec is the Ambient project/band from Enslaved composer/guitarist Ivar Bjørnson. This June, By Norse will release the debut album Hydrogen. Having launched at Roadburn in 2015, BardSpec has since evolved into a fully fledged band, with Steve Austin on guitars/effects, David Hall presenting the live visual aspect of the project, with the layout created by Josh Graham (Soundgarden, Neurosis, IIVII, etc.)

BardSpec combines stirring, hallucinatory synth-sounds with mercurial guitar effects and hypnotic rhythms that navigate illusory landscapes. Field recordings, and other found-sounds also drift and evaporate into the ether. Working intuitively with these elements and with sharpened senses, attuned to inner impulses, this is immersive music, that can exist anywhere, and anytime within the minds of the listener.

BNM004 – Enslaved – Roadburn Live
(2017, Roadburn Records/By Norse Music) – Exclusive Record Store Day editions out April 22nd; Black vinyl, CD digipak and digital out May 19th 2017

Available as:

Limited and exclusive Record Store Day color vinyl editions (including original A3 Roadburn
poster and color stickers)
Regular vinyl

Track listing:

1. Building With Fire
2. Death in the Eyes of Dawn
3. In Times
4. Daylight
5. Convoys to Nothingness
6. As Fire Swept Clean the Earth
7. Isa
8. Immigrant Song*
* «Roadburn Live» exclusive song! / Original by Led Zeppelin


« Roadburn Live » is Enslaved’s first official live album, a split release between Roadburn Records and By Norse Music. Enslaved is a band widely known for being one of the best live bands in the scene. The album was recorded during one of the band’s headline shows at the renown Roadburn Festival 2015; an edition curated by Enslaved’s guitar player Ivar Bjørnson.

« Roadburn Live » will be available on limited and exclusive Record Store Day color vinyls editions including an original A3 Roadburn poster and color stickers, as well as on regular vinyl, CD and digital formats. The album features a brilliant layout created by highly demanded artist and Roadburn’s regular graphic designer Costin Chioreanu.

The album was mixed by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio, mastered by Jens Bogren (Kreator, Opeth, Sepultura) in Fascination Studios. It is also the last official release with Herbrand Larsen on keys and vocals.

After celebrating 25 years in 2016 showcasing a majority of older material, « Roadburn Live » displays songs mainly from the « newer » and more progressive part of Enslaved’s career, with songs from “In Times”, “Riitiir”, “Isa”, “Below the Lights” and “Monumension”. The album features the guest appearances of Einar Selvik (Wardruna), Aðalbjörn Tryggvason (Sólstafir), Per Wiberg (Opeth, Candlemass); and Menno Gootjes (Focus) on « Immigrant Song », the first cover song by Enslaved to ever appear on a record.

BMN003 – ENSLAVED – The Sleeping Gods – Thorn
(2016, By Norse Music/EnslavedUnion) – OUT NOV. 11th 2016

Available as:

Limited 250 blue vinyl (webshop edition)
Black vinyl
Digipak CD
Including an exclusive insight into the history of the recorded material by Grutle Kjellson

By Norse Music Shop

digipack blue-vinyl black-vinyl

Track listing:

1. Heimvegen
2. Alu Misyrki
3. Synthesis
4. Nordlys (instrumental)
5. The Sleeping Gods
6. Disintegrator
7. Striker


The songs originally appeared on extremely limited EPs between the full-length albums “Axioma Ethica Odini” and “Riitiir”, and is recorded both in Solslottet Studio in Bergen, as well as the band member’s own studios and partly in the deep woods of Valevaag on the south-west coast of Norway. Like the songs itself, the production is a mix of old and new; high tech and no-tech – a mix of concepts that has been essential in achieving the signature sound Enslaved is famous for today. Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson from Enslaved co-produced the material together with long-time collaborator Iver Sandøy.

BNM002 – WARDRUNA – Runaljod-Ragnarok
(2016, By Norse Music/Fimbulljod Productions) – OUT OCT. 21st 2016

Available as:

Limited Box Edition
CD w/slipcase
2LP Gatefold (black)
2LP Gatefold (GOLD – Wardruna shop only)
2LP Gatefold (silver – Retail shops only)

By Norse Music Shop

CD with slipcase

Wardruna - Runaljod-Ragnarok vinyl BLACKWardruna - Runaljod-Ragnarok vinyl SILVER

Track listing:

1. Tyr
2. UruR
3. Isa
4. MannaR – Drivande
5. MannaR – Liv
6. Raido
7. Pertho
8. Odal
9. Wunjo
10. Runaljod

Total running time: 58:36

Einar Selvik: Vocals, taglharpe, Kraviklyra, goat horn, tongue horn, bronze lure, flutes, drums, percussion and electronics.
Lindy-Fay Hella: Vocals.
Eilif Gundersen: Bronze lure, birchbark lure, goat horn, willow flute and ice percussion.
Arne Sandvoll: Vocals.
HC Dalgaard: Vocals.
Kjell Braaten: Vocals.
Ask Einarson Nybro and Tuva J. Einarsdatter Nybro sing on ‘Odal’ and ‘Wunjo’.
Skarvebarna Children’s Choir sing on ‘Wunjo’. Conducted by Ingjerd Almås Arnfinset.


BNM001 – ENSLAVED –  Vikingligr Veldi re-issue on Vinyl
(2016, By Norse Music/EnslavedUnion) – OUT SEPT. 23rd 2016

Available as:

Limited 2LP Gatefold Black
Limited 2LP Gatefold White
Limited 2Lp Gatefold Green (Enslaved webshop only)

By Norse Music Shop



1. Lifandi Lif Undir Hamri
2. Vertrarnett
3. Midgards Eldar
4. Heimdallr
5. Norvegr


Enslaved re-issues “Vikingligr Veldi” – for the first time ever on vinyl this September! The re-issue of “Vikingligr Veldi” will co-incide with Enslaved’s 25 European Tour and will be available in a LIMITED Enslaved 25 Webshop edition and a regular edition! The astonishing new layout was done by Z. Bielak (Ghost, Mayhem, etc.) and includes four brand new illustrations specially made for this legendary album. Z. Bielak has stayed true to the ideals of the era (it was originally scheduled for release in 1993); this 2LP Gatefold with illustrated pockets has been respectfully remastered for vinyl by Iver Sandøy; preserving every bit of original dynamics!