Enslaved 5th Anniversary t-shirt available now! 

Get the 5th design of the “Enslaved 25” Anniversary Special Editions, limited to 100 worldwide!

This design, baptized “Neogenesis of Sense and Reflection” was created by renowned artist and graphic designer Costin Chioreanu and is rooted in the mid-period of Enslaved’s musical career.

You can purchase this fifth out of six Anniversary Special Edition t-shirts here:
North America

Artist Costin Chioreanu comments on “Neogenesis of Sense and Reflection” design:
“The title is formed by keywords from 3 song titles: “Neogenesis” (Isa), “Fusion Of Sense And Earth” (Ruun) and “Reflection” (Vertebrae), while the image translates the title: the mind can see itself from above, while it is analyzing the world and the whole expanding process is having a root in a form of a question mark, the biggest question covering all, the one about the sense of everything.” – Costin Chioreanu