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The entire two-days New York By Norse schedule:

Dec 9th @ Scandinavia House:
8pm: Bardspec (Enslaved’s Ivar Bjørnson, Today is the Day`s Steve Austin) feat. Kevin Hufnagel (of Gorguts)
9.30pm: Einar Selvik Workshop – “The Thoughts and Tools Behind Wardruna”

Dec.10th @ Gramercy Theatre:
5-8pm: Exhibition by Kim Holm
6-6:45pm: Grimposium: Celebrating Enslaved 25
7:30-10:30pm: Enslaved 25, “Then and Now” – Two sets, one night:
7.30-11.00pm: Live painting by Kim Holm where the art can be bought after the show at the Enslaved Merch both, signed by artist/band.

Dec 11 @ Rough Trade NYC:
1-3pm: Enslaved « The Sleeping Gods – Thorn » LP signing session

“Just like it was for many Norsemen before us, after the success of our sonic raid in London, the desire to continue further westwards came faster than you can say Christopher Columbus. Viking jokes aside, it feels fantastic to announce New York By Norse. We aim to present a cultural event that encompass both the ancient as well as the contemporary and on a more personal note I am very much looking forward to do my first ever performance in New York!”—Einar Selvik of Wardruna.

By Norse is very proud and happy to announce New York By Norse happening 12/9 and 12/10! By Norse, known as a “platform for art, music, literature, film, and culture,” will host an installment of events throughout December 9 and 10 in New York City, presented together with Noisey. These happenings are designed to support Norwegian art, music, literature, film, and culture abroad. New York By Norse will also serve as a celebration of 25 years of Grammy award-winning metal band Enslaved and as a platform for showcasing of Einar Selvik of Wardruna. More information on the variety of unique art exhibitions, workshops, and special performances can be found below.


Friday, December 9 @ Scandinavia House.

Bardspec is the Ambient project of Enslaved composer/guitarist Ivar Bjørnson. This showcase will feature the set-up of Bjørnson: his computer, some keys, a few strings, a pedal or two, a video canon and sometimes, a trapeze artist. For this special showcase at New York By Norse, Bjørnson will be joined by Today Is The Day’s frontman and guitarist Steve Austin! Dark, surprisingly rhythmic and hypnotic-psychedelic, yet minimizing, cutting away, subtracting and meditating upon the simplest essence of things, Bardspec uses of the best of the basic elements and building blocks that make up the whole to create a sonic atmosphere. Ivar Bjørnson and Steve Austin will also be joined by none other than Gorguts guitarist Kevin Hufnagel!


Einar Selvik Workshop – “The Thoughts and Tools Behind Wardruna”: Einar speaks about his approach to Norse historical music and the extensive creative concept behind Wardruna´s ongoing Runaljod trilogy. Other topics will include his approach and study of the runes and other Norse esoteric arts, the oldest Nordic instruments, playfully acoustic Wardruna music, including the newest release of the trilogy, “Ragnarok” and a Q&A segment.

Einar Selvik-Captured at Troll in Trondheim-Photo by Jarle Hagen


Saturday, December 10 @ Gramercy Theatre.

Exhibition by Kim Holm including Grimposium panel (starting 5 PM)

Norwegian creative artist and motion designer Kim Holm will display his works and do live paintings of the artists while performing on stage. Grimposium founder Vivek Venkatesh and filmmaker David Hall will hold the Grimposium panel including a special Enslaved announcement. The two will dig deep into Enslaved’s past and present while also surprising fans with a special secret event, one that has been predicted to be “time-bending and mind-warping.”

Kim Holm - photo by Stefan Rudata


Enslaved 25, “Then and Now” – Two sets, one night!

New York By Norse will conclude with Enslaved 25, in order to celebrate a quarter-century of one of Norway’s most revered artists. The band will be playing two set, each highlighting the uniqueness of, but also the coherence in, the “Then” and the “Now” in Enslaved’s history. This showcase will feature a performance by Einar Selvik, along with pieces of musical project Skuggsjá featuring both Selvik and Bjørnson. Kim Holm will be on site creating live paintings of the event to be sold after the show. With more details to come, those interested are encourage to descend upon Gramercy Theatre to celebrate Enslaved 25 in partnership with By Norse — celebrate in style!

Enslaved 25

This showcase will have limited tickets. Tickets can be purchased here.

Dec 11 @ Rough Trade NYC:

1-3pm: Enslaved « The Sleeping Gods – Thorn » LP signing session

2016 is Enslaved’s 25th anniversary as a band, and it is simply not acceptable leaving the US out of our celebrations. With a crazy schedule set for the year, we were turning every stone for an opening – and we found one! We are extremely proud to be able to present a double set in New York; to give the full width of old and new material, in conclusion of a fantastic year of celebration. When we started talking about By Norse and how we could bring the concept out into the world; “New York By Norse” was one of the first ideas to be verbalized. At the time it seemed more like a dream scenario than anything else. Then came London By Norse in March earlier this year; our first materialization of the concept – and it was a massive success! Turns out all these crazy visions were possible to turn into real life after all… and here we are.“ – Ivar Bjørnson of Enslaved










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