Norwegian Alternative Pop sensation Kalandra release today an acoustic performance of the song Ensom from their debut album ‘The Line’!


Watch the video HERE
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‘Ensom’ is the Norwegian word for lonely. It’s a feeling we have to manage, whether surrounded by people or left alone to your own thoughts. It’s a feeling the band believes has been rather present for us all in the last few years.

Kalandra comments:
“Ensom as a track, was written a long time ago before the Pandemic ever happened. One could say the change of times brought new life into this song, hence why we wanted to record an acoustic live video of it now. The music video was shot at a bar in Oslo called ‘Safe as Milk’. The room was slightly too dark to be able to capture the bar-vibe of the place that we so greatly missed. However, we got to have some drinks together after our last day on set, and for a moment it was as if we had a brief glimpse of what’s to come when the world opens up. Let’s not forget that some people find it intimidating. It’s not a given that everyone is eager to get out there and mingle again, so it’s certainly grown on us to be more considerate of people’s own journey through this new transition.”



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