We are delighted to announce that Nebala will release their first digital EP Lustuz on August 7th!

Nebala means primordial mist in the earliest Nordic language, interpreted as the abyss of absolute potentiality. It is the name of the music project envisioned by singer and songwriter Jonas Lorentzen. Grounded within an interdisciplinary framework, Jonas Lorentzen has teamed up with philosopher Naina Gupta and Old Norse expert Mathias Nordvig to explore the deep Indo-Germanic connections between Nordic and Vedic culture.

All the songs are based on Old Norse mythology and runic inscriptions from Scandinavia. They are written in the now extinct proto-Nordic language that existed in the Germanic Iron Age, long before the Viking Age. The songs are informed by an original sexual theory proposed by Naina Gupta and symbolic mythological interpretations by Mathias Nordvig, exploring ancient sex and sexuality and creativity in Nordic culture; as in Old Norse mythology, poetry and song come from sexual creativity.

The Lustuz EP is the first chapter of Nebala’s debut album Laþu Woþuz Alu (out February 2021/By Norse Music), itself divided into three parts:

  • EP1, Lustuz (out August 7th 2020): is about desire, longing, and the need for sharing each other’s darkness to fully merge sexually in total mutual vulnerability.
  • EP2, Laþu (out Fall 2020): is about sexual tension, mutual objectification, and unfulfilled sexual longing.

The last three songs that complete the album are about sexual release into absolute subjectivity and mergence, transcendence, and an explosion of the cosmic creative force.