We are delighted to announce the addition of Nebala to the By Norse family!

Nebala means primordial mist in the earliest Nordic language, interpreted as the abyss of absolute potentiality. It is the name of the music project envisioned by Danish singer and songwriter Jonas Lorentzen. Grounded within an interdisciplinary framework, Jonas Lorentzen has teamed up with philosopher Naina Gupta and Old Norse expert Mathias Nordvig to explore the deep Indo-Germanic connections between Nordic and Vedic culture. In collaboration with the neo-classical and electronic composer Sebastian Gainsborough from the Bristol music scene, using traditional frame drums, lyre, tagelharpa, Tibetan singing bowls, and throat singing, Jonas Lorentzen has developed a unique Indo-Nordic sound for Nebala that toys with timescapes, soundscapes, and cultural boundaries to bring you back to the primordial experience of music itself.

Simon Füllemann comments: “I am very happy and proud to reveal the latest signing on By Norse Music today: Nebala. Since its inception and our initial talks back in 2019, we have come a long way together and I am super excited on this innovative and new way we work this project in the time to come!”

Nebala have been working hard in the studio and you can find a beautiful report in the brand new edition of Legacy Magazin! Available now for purchase in stands and online

More exciting news about Nebala coming very soon, stay tuned!

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