It is a pleasure to announce that one of the most powerful voices of the north; Faroese artist Eivør, has chosen By Norse Music to release her striking live album “Live In Tórshavn”. The album will be available as CD Digipak, Black 2LP Gatefold and digital. The album will be released on April 5th on physical formats and digitally on March 8th.

All formats, exclusive bundles and new merchandise can be pre-ordered now here:

“Live in Tórshavn” is a selection of 16 Eivør instant classics from her albums “Room”, “Bridges” and “Slør”. The songs were selected from the recordings of three consecutive shows in the Old Theatre in Tórshavn – Faroe Islands, 2017.

Eivør’s unique blend of Faroese tradition and various contemporary impulses transcends borders of musical genres with her modern yet timeless musical expression. “Live in Tórshavn” offers a great selection of her songs and displays her undisputed talent as a songwriter and what a truly extraordinary live-artist she is.

Long-time friends and collaborators Mikael Blak (bass, synths), Høgni Lisberg (drums, vocals) and Hallur Johnsson (FOH engineer) are an essential part of the live show Eivør has been building since the release of her latest album “Slør” (2015). “Live in Tórshavn” is the natural continuity of the studio albums, giving them a second life and taking the songs further into the territories of Alternative, Rock, and Folktronica. To quote Eivør herself: “The live show is my thing, and the songs truly come alive to me when I can reflect them back to an audience.”


01 – Mjørkaflókar (Live in Tórshavn)
02 – Brotin (Live in Tórshavn)
03 – Verð mín (Live in Tórshavn)
04 – Salt (Live in Tórshavn)
05 – Rain (Featuring Konni Kass) (Live in Tórshavn)
06 – Bridges (Live in Tórshavn)
07 – The Swing (Live in Tórshavn)
08 – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live in Tórshavn)
09 – Remember Me (Live in Tórshavn)
10 – On My Way To Somewhere (Live in Tórshavn)
11 – Silvitni (Live in Tórshavn)
12 – Trøllabundin (Live in Tórshavn)
13 – Boxes (Live in Tórshavn)
14 – Tides (Live in Tórshavn)
15 – True Love (Live in Tórshavn)
16 – Falling Free (Live in Tórshavn)

Einar Selvik
, BNM on the signing:
“I have followed Eivør´s work since her debut album and seen her amazing growth and development over the years. I have been blown away at her live shows many times and I have even had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her on a few occasions. For me, she is a perfect fit into the “By Norse family”, and being able to work closely with her from a label perspective is something both I and the rest of BNM is very much looking forward to!”

Eivør on the signing:
“It’s a true joy to be re-releasing this live album with Einar Selvik and Ivar Bjørnson under their By Norse Music imprint. I had the pleasure of meeting them last year at a festival in Norway and we’ve grown to become great friends since then. Grateful to be working with such great and talented people.
The album is a selection of songs that I have been playing at my shows these last couple of years. This is a way to show my gratitude for all the magical live moments I’ve had with both my band and my wonderful audience around the world. I hope you will enjoy. Love, E”

Eivør Pálsdóttir is an award winning singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands, now living in Copenhagen. She debuted as a recording artist at age 16 and has since then released and contributed on numerous albums, spanning over a great variety of musical genres – ultimately earning her a great number of awards and nominations for her music as well as her unique talent as a singer. The last few years Eivør has done notable appearances both as musician and co-composer in audio-visual productions such as the score for BBC´s historical TV series “The Lost Kingdom” and on the “God of War” video game soundtrack.


“Salt (Live in Tórshavn)” is the first single to be unveiled from the album “Live in Tórshavn” today and can be streamed/purchased HERE