Wardruna “Runaljod – Ragnarok” – Reviews Oct. 25th

We can’t get enough of these beautiful reviews we keep receiving about Wardruna “Runaljod – Ragnarok”! Here are some new ones for you to read:

On Mister Folk (Italian)
On Télérama (French)
On Heavy Report – Metal News (French)
On Moshville Times (English)
On Folkmetalmagazine.com (English)

And for the German-speaking fans of Wardruna:

On Twilight Magazin
On whiskey-soda.de
On Totentanz Magazin
On laut.de 

Thank you very much and keep sending your reviews along!


Order “Runaljod – Ragnarok” here:

EU/World: aisamerch.de/bynorse/en/
US: Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dKsYCP

Or directly from the band:
US: wardruna.aisamerch.com
EU/World: aisamerch.de/wardruna/en

Digital formats: http://radi.al/RunaljodRagnarok