Wardruna’s « Runaljod – Ragnarok » debuts No.1 on Billboard World Music Charts in the US and Canada!

We are very proud to announce that « Runaljod – Ragnarok », Wardruna’s third and final entry in the « Runaljod » series, has made some significant impact on major charts worldwide:

  • US: #1 on Billboard World Music Chart
  • Canada: #1 World Music Album Charts
  • US: #5 Heat Seekers Album Charts
  • GERMANY: #68 Official German Album Charts
  • UK: #153 Official Album Charts
  • UK:  #18 Independent Music Charts
  • NORWAY: #52 Norwegian Official Charts




You can purchase Wardruna « Runaljod – Ragnarok », out now on By Norse Music here:

Digital formats: http://radi.al/RunaljodRagnarok

EU/World: aisamerch.de/bynorse/en/
US: Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dKsYCP

Or directly from the band:
US: wardruna.aisamerch.com
EU/World: aisamerch.de/wardruna/en